A Branding and Marketing Plan for the Rest of Us

The YB2C Premium Branding Course will help you to create one page plans for each of the five components necessary for a comprehensive and successful marketing program.

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An Introduction to the YB2C Premium Branding Course

A comprehensive 5-part course designed especially for you!

The YB2C Premier Branding Course

Are you a solo or creative entrepreneur or a small business owner?

Are you challenged by finding the right branding and marketing activities to effectively promote your business?

Are you overwhelmed by seemingly endless training options available? Do you think it will cost way too much in time and in money to successfully develop the branding and marketing components that you can also include in your business plan?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you’ve found the solution!

The Your Business Your Brand Creatively (abbreviated “YB2C”) Marketing System was designed specifically for your type of business, and is now available as the value-added YB2C Premium Program.

Now you can learn on your own time and at a fraction of the cost of my one-on-one training, with weekly lessons, actionable activities, monthly webinars, exclusive group training, and much more!

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As you may know, “YB2C” is the acronym for my Your Business Your Brand consultancy, which I founded in 2014. I have actually been working with clients like you since 2008: solo and creative professionals, freelance business owners, entrepreneurs, and very small business owners. 

With the YB2C Premium Program “Branding for the Rest of Us” you can just set up an account and have access to all of the free episodes of the YB2C Podcast for Entrepreneurs. We have been recording weekly since January 2017. Season 1 includes all episodes from 2017; Season 2 includes all episodes from 2018; and Season 3 includes all episodes from 2019. Season 4 will begin in January 2020. These episodes will always be free on the web and on the Apple and Android YB2C Premium apps. Click the “Sign Up” button to set up your account.

If you are here to participate in the 12-month YB2C Premium Branding and Marketing Course, click the “Subscribe” button. By signing up on the website, you will be billed in British Pound Sterling (£) because the server/technical administrator for this program is located in the UK. £30 = about $37.51/month; £300 = about $375.10/year. If you sign up via the iOS or Android app, you will be billed in $US, but the price is a little higher: $39/month or $390/year. Either way, if you pay the annual fee you will receive 12 months for the price of 10 months. You will have access to the Premium course and the free podcast episodes with your subscription.

What You Get with the YB2C Premium Course

The full course is approximately 12 months long. You can access the self-paced course on the web and through the iOS and Android apps. The course is divided into 5 modules and includes 42 podcast lessons, plus monthly webinars, monthly summary videos, Facebook Live Q&A sessions, and free membership in the unique and exclusive “Building Your Brand” networking group (a $10/month savings). The very affordable cost of the program is less than US$10/week with the monthly plan, and you can save significantly by signing up for the annual plan. Click the “Subscribe” button to sign up and subscribe for the program.

Module 1: Build Your Brand (8 Lessons): In this module, you will learn why you need a brand, and that a brand is much more than the visual, audible, and sensory elements. You will learn what your “brand values” are and how they relate to everything you do for and with your business. 

Module 2: Identify Your Clients and Customers (6 Lessons): In this module, you will learn to find your ideal client or customer, but also you will learn to four on developing real mutually beneficial relationships with your prospects, followers, friends, clients, and customers.

Module 3: Maximize Your Messaging (6 Lessons): In this module, you will learn to go beyond “old school” marketing communication and have compelling conversations with your prospects, clients, and customers. You will learn the “What,” the “How,” and the “When & Where” context and content of your marketing communication activities.

Module 4: Master Your Marketing (9 Lessons): In this module, you will develop an effective and efficient marketing plan that will be a strategy, a road map, and a clear set of directions for your business.

Module 5: Shape Your Social Media (13 Lessons): In this module, you will learn that social media is much more than “how” to work in the various social media outlets. You will learn to think beyond just social media and how to instead build a social business. Social media is the “activity.” Social Business is the strategy, the “why” that drives tangible and quantifiable business results.

My private one-on-one clients who work with me for a minimum of six months pay US$2,700.00 for this program, about US$450.00/month. By subscribing to this online group program, you can receive the same valuable information and develop the same customized branding and marketing plan for your business at your own pace and for about 85% less than my one-on-one program. Click the “Subscribe” button to start on the right path to your own customized and effective branding and marketing program with the YB2C Premium Course: Branding for the Rest of Us!

The YB2C Marketing System helped my company, Casablanca Consultants, get off the ground and achieve all of its goals.
Karen ChappelleFounder and CEO of Casablanca Consultants

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