yb2csystem – Paid

yb2csystem – Paid

Become a member of Your Business Your Brand Creatively (YB2C) Premium for exclusive access to our branding and marketing audio/video materials and much more!

Learn how to write and implement your own customized marketing plan.

Every month you will receive:

  • Exclusive access to four valuable podcast lessons about branding and marketing your business or consultancy
  • Exclusive access to our exclusive YB2C Premium monthly training webinar
  • Exclusive access to our monthly YB2C Premium Facebook Live Q & A Session
  • Exclusive Membership in our private YB2C Premium Network Group
  • Exclusive access to our entire catalogue of YB2C Live! free podcasts and videos
  • Exclusive access to our entire catalogue of exclusive YB2C Premium podcasts and videos
  • Exclusive members-only access to all updates and additional media
Payment plan
  • US$30.00 / Monthly
  • US$300.00 / Yearly

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